Welcome To Our Web Site

    Welcome to the NatureWalk Homeowners Association (HOA) community web site! The purpose of this web site is to improve communications within the community and allow NatureWalk homeowners quick and easy access to personal HOA related information, as well as the happenings in their community.

This web site has both public and private(resident-only) areas. The resident-only area is accessed by logging onto the web site using a login name and password provided to the homeowner by the HOA management company. The Request Login button is located on theleft side of the web site home page.

Below are some of the community web site'sfeatures. Many of these topics are not featured on the web site’s public area.

· User Profile: The user profile contains all of the information about a homeowner’s HOA account, as well as any information that the homeowner is willing to share with other homeowners in the community. Except for the login name, password, and security level, information entered here will display in the address book for other logged-in homeowners to look up. Each homeowner has the option of “hiding”information from the address book.

· Account Info: This is the most private part of the web site and may only be accessed by the logged-in homeowner. Clicking this link will display the data the HOA management company has on the logged-in homeowner’s record regarding the following items—last payment amount, last payment date, check number, etc., as well as alteration application requests, and Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions violations history.

· What’s New: This page will display any additions that have been made to the HOA web site within a specified time period.

· Address Book: This is a searchable database of all community homeowners, as well as Board Directors and HOA management personnel.

· Amenities: Information is provided regarding the community amenities, including photographs and rules, if applicable.

· Announcements: The latestcommunity announcements are displayed here. Announcements can be added by completing a web content submission form.

· Boards/Committees: This is a completelisting of the HOA boards and committees, if any, within the community. It also may include times and dates of meetings, in addition to names of individual members and their function (i.e., Joe Smith - Board President).

· Documents: Community/HOA relateddocuments are displayed in this area.

· Eforms: These are automated forms that provide a conduit between the homeowner and the HOA management company and Board of Directors.

· Email Bulletins: Homeownerscan sign up to receive emails about various community related subjects. They have the option of selecting all or only certain emails which may be of interest.

· Events Calendar: Thisdisplays a monthly view of all community or homeowner related events. By clicking on a particular date, all events for that date will be displayed. Byclicking on the event, a more detailed description is available. Homeowners can add an event to the web site by completing the Add An Event submission form located in E-Forms.

· FAQ: This sectioncontains general information regarding the community web site or HOA.

· Hot Links: Thisis a list of local service web sites.

· Message Board: Homeowners can post a comment, question or issue here and others can read it and reply at their convenience.

· Requests & Questions: Homeowners can post a message or question to specific people right from the web site, such as a Board Director or the HOA manager.

· Volunteer Needs: Homeownerscan sign up or solicit volunteers for a community event/activity/committee/etc. by completing the web content submission form.

We hope that this information has provided answers to some of the questions which may arise regarding the NatureWalk HOA and its web site. If you have any questions, please contact:

DebiAnderson (danderson@rizzetta.com),or Carol Watson (cwatson@rizzetta.com).


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